Product Description

  • 1. A Must Have Outdoor Gear for Every one– This little bracelet has a lot going on for it, it has the ferro rod and scraper, whistle, compass & emergency fishing kit all built into one;
  • 2.Great Design– The kit inside is contained in a plastic tube similar to heat-shrink wrap and it holds all the included accessories nicely. For all the stuff that is inside the band of the bracelet, it is actually quite compact and keeps a pretty low profile. It is still flat enough to fit comfortably on your wrist without feeling too bulky. And compass embedded in the buckle for a more easy & secure wear;
  • 3. Well Built in Quality- Tested to loads over than 350 lbs and a minimum breaking point of 550 pounds, You can use it from stabilize a tent to build a shelter, create hunter traps, care a wound & many more;
  • 4. Unmatched Power & Versatility– This paracord can be used in so many ways that the list is almost endless! It can help you find survival food by using the Fishing Hooks, Fishing Line, Floats & Weights. Find your path, start a fire, make a trap, whistle for get help;
  • 5. Feel Safe by Wearing Our All in One Survival Bracelet–Deploy your 12 FEET OF PARACORD in any situation where an extremely strong rope or cordage is needed. Use one of the finer SEVEN INNER STRANDS as FIRE TINDER; FISHING LINE or SEWING STRING.